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Cancer Can Be Prevented!

The purpose of our cancer-prevention session is essentially to equip our clients with knowledge and resources that will empower them to live cancer-free lives. Established medicine is still unable to tell the exact cause(s) of cancer despite the billions of dollars fraudulently spent over the years on cancer research. It admits that it does not know the nature of the disease which is also why it is unable to prevent the yearly increase in cancer deaths. Out of over 30 causes of cancer we have identified, those that are relevant to each case are discussed with the client as part of our empowerment procedure.

Alternative Medicine

Goshen Biomedical Clinic provides services for cancer prevention. Preventive medicine for Breast CancerCervical cancerColo-rectal CancerProstate cancer etc. is available, especially for people with high risk factors and family history. Infertile women who are taking fertility drugs have 3 times the risk of getting ovarian cancer than infertile women who have not taken the drugs. High level risk women who have been given fertility drugs or have undergone IVF, ISCS and GIFT treatments are given special attention.

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